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Canadian Business One-Stop Solution for China E-Commerce Solution

CWK Commerce is the only company in Canada to offer full-spectrum outsourced retail e-commerce development and management with a customized, brand-centric approach. Strategic and logistical services are designed to support client growth, and include marketing & merchandising, customer service, and warehousing & fulfillment. CWK Commerce offers a complete e-commerce technology platform designed around industry best practices to provide online retailers with advanced features, rapid scalability, and efficient operations.

CWK Commerce is providing complete ecommerce business support, including brand-centric marketing & merchandising, technology platform, customer service. Marketing services, built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features, and directory pages that point shoppers to retail stores are key elements in reaching their new target markets and expanding public knowledge of the retail partners. The CWK Commerce e-commerce technology platform powers the site, providing a complete world-class feature set, order management, payment, and other key services.


Canadian Business eGateway to Chinese TaoBao, TMall and JD.com

The growing China is experiencing a tremendous boom in ecommerce area in recently years. With the largest internet user population 500 million in the world, the China e-commerce transactions are projected to hit USD 540 billion by 2015 and signifies a 25 percent annual growth for the industry. Because of high ROI and low risk, more and more domestic and international companies are very aggressive in brand marketing and ecommerce marketing over the internet. CWK Commerce provides an effective, low cost and minimal risk ecommerce solution for our clients to establish the brand image in China and enter China market on market place such as Taobao, TMall, JD.com and YHD.com .


CWK Commerce Team

We are a young, dynamic and energetic team of multi-skilled professional consultants who have education and work experiences in Europe, North America and China.


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